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Installed on Intel nuc6i7kyk - no ubuntu server in virtual machine installable


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I successfully installed DSM 6.2 using Jul's loader synoboot-ds918.
All seems fine except that I cannot install any Ubuntu server in a virtual machine (tried lots of settings, such as varying number of CPUs and memory).

Windows 10 pro on the other hand can be installed in a virtual machine.


I also  exported an ubuntu server 16.04 installation from a real Synology NAS (DS718+) and imported it into the NUC based DSM,

but that imported installation does not boot.


Anyone any ideas what to try out to make ubuntu server install in a virtual machine on a Intel NUC based DSM?



BTW. by "not installable" I mean the installation procedure of ubuntu server just hangs and no further progress (ubuntu 16.04).

Ubuntu server 18.04+ crashes with a segmentation fault right after booting.

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Have you managed to get any external storage to function with this?  I have a MY5i5BE that I would like to utilise as a 918+ to supplement and hopefully replace my ageing 412+ which even with $GB of ram is struggling.

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