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Hi guys,


I am new to this forum and just recently get my hand on a HP N54L with 2 x 4GB normal DDR3.

Front four USB ports are not working no matter how I unplug and replug the two motherboard connections.


I already flashed this BIOS which I do not know what it is called correctly.

The only thing I know that it is


01/08/2014 There is a new modded BIOS and guide for the latest HP BIOS (From 1/10 2013).


Then, I plan to use Icydock ToughArmor MB608SP-B with LSI 9211-8i (flashed passthrough from IBM L1115)

therefore it occupied the PCIe 16x slot where I do not know if the 150W can power all hardwares plus 10 drives.


Then I wanted to plug a NEC uPD720201 USB3.0 to the PCIe 1x slot

to run OMV using a 2GB USB stick inserted to the USB port on the motherboard.


Then I also want to try DSM 6.2 but found that I need a Intel NC360T (the PCIe slot is already cutted therefore I can tape mask and insert to the PCIe 1x)

I already have a Broadcom 5709 NetXtreme II Dual Port.


I have not read this forum and successfully navigate through.

So here comes my questions.


1) what is that BIOS I flashed called?

2) Can Broadcom 5709 insert and run x1 like the Intel does?

3) Can Broadcom 5709 or other Intel x1 card be used to replace NC360T to run "HP N54L Bare Metal New Install 6.2.1 Update 4"?

4) How to test and find out if it is possible of point 4?

5) Is that I need to choose a proper loader and/or add some driver to support my hardware?

6) Will a 1GB or 2GB USB stick enough for DSM?

7) Can I clone the USB stick as backup boot USB in case it is faulty?


Thanks and regards,



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