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xpenology strange disconnets on the WAN side


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Hi all


My friend and my self have strange issues with our xpenology server so every day when the internetconnection is under heavy load the wan (internet)will disconnet for all Network devices / on the internal Network side all devices are reachable only the Interconnection is down(WAN Disconneted)

Then we have to restart the Cable Modem and the Router and all is working again.


Asus H87 i Plus Mainboard 217 Intel Nic 4 X 6TB western digital red.

Nanoboot- / DSM 5.0-4528 update 2

Plugins : Plexmediaserver/ Downloadstation / Pyload

Network adapter : Ip4 dhcp or static IP no different the WAN goes down.

DSM Settings for Networkadapter:

Ip V6 off

Dhcp off

Firewalll off


Asus Router Rt- N66U: Ip range -

with Merlin build or Asus Orginal Firmeware no different the WAN goes down.


The issue appears for Download with Jdownloader on the Local Client as example my PC or Pyload on DSM and the WAN side only disconnets when the Internet is under Heavy Load.


Internet Cableconnection 250 Mbit down and 25 Mbit UP UPC Cablecom.


No router log or DSM log when we have this strange issue.


Further we have disabled all Plugins (Pyload and Plexmediaserver )

The issue is happen again now we have shutdown the server and the issue is gone.


Any Tips for us?

thank you very much .


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