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upgrading drives within DSM 5.0 44528 update II


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wasabi folks thought id ask a question not sure if im talking to myself in a forest with no animals or wildlife. Here it goes.


When upgrading from a smaller disk to a larger disk. and the smaller disk happens to be the 1st disk with the configuration file Is there a way to make the new disk carry that configuration file?.


I ask because here's what happened and I think I narrowed down and have a potential answer. I took out the 1tb disk and inserted that into my nas while it was on, and it mentioned it was degraded I did a repair, repair came back fine but the volume was still degraded and when attempting to boot my nas the boot-loader would not kick in :sad: tried different usb sticks nothing!. (only boots with the 1tb drive) So Could I just clone the 1TB block by block with the partition map intact and have it go to the 4tb drive so when i insert it no harm done?. and Im hoping the system with detect its a 4tb drive and expand it from its 1tb to 4tb state?. or is that wishful thinking?.




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Just guessing based on the info you provided...


There are several different things that could be happening, based on your description. more details of the step by step would be helpful to determine exactly which drive got unplugged from what and how and what it was plugged into and what order and how, etc. What order the reboots and re-syncs took place in, etc.


Possibility 1

I think when you hot swapped the drives, the synology thought the drive was pulled and reinserted.

Something went wrong where it should have sensed that the drive was different, and instead of acting accordingly, it thought the drive was somehow degraded.

You repaired it. In the process, it could have seen that whatever it uses to identify the drive was different than expected, so it updated its information with the ID from your drive.

Now, it thinks your drive is the original drive. I can't see an easy way out of this, except to completely reload the whole thing.


Side note: When I upgraded my drives and had to expand, I think I may have needed to reboot after the re-sync before the possibility of expanding was available.


Possibility 2

Your bios config is defaulting to boot from the wrong device. With everything in place as you want it to be when you

are done, reboot and in the config for your bios, make sure the boot device is your USB stick.


Side note: confirm the image on the USB stick is good by re-downloading. This step may not be necessary if your box will boot with it when the original drive is in place.


This may not be helpful at all, but hopefully, it is a place to start or it gives you an idea where to look next.

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