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Jetway and 5 Nic


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Sorry for my english.

I have a motherboard jetway NC9C with ATOM 455 mono-core with HT.

http://www.jetway.com.tw/jw/ipcboard_vi ... C9C-455-LF

This motherboard have 2x Realtek RTL8111E PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet LAN

But i had this daughter board with 3 Lan

http://www.jetway.com.tw/jw/ipcboard_vi ... 3RTLANG-LF


When i finish my installation of XPEnology with the last build.

The soft see 2 nic , the nic of the motherboard but i can see the 3 of the daughter board.


Do you have a solution?

It is for doing a teaming with the all 5 nic.

Thank you a lot.

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Your LOM and daughter board LAN chip need to install mii.ko, r8168.ko and r8169.ko.

The r8169 driver are older, but not fully support r8168, if load the r8169 first, than some r8168 chip can't work properly.

For fix your issue, the driver load sequence should be:






But from my view, the daughter board with LOM x3 won't improve the LAN performance too much if you are target for this.

Because most r8169 are for PCI base chip, the total Max. bandwidth for PCI-33 bus are only 133MB/sec.

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