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Custom NAS/Servers - Lets here about what you've built!


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I figured it would be cool to have a thread where we can show off our custom NAS / Servers.


My current system consists of:


  • Motherboard: Intel DQ77KB
    CPU: Intel i7 3770T
    HBA: LSI 9201-8i (IT mode)
    Storage: 60GB mSATA (ESXI Install and Datastore)
    Storage: 4 x 3GB WD REDS
    Storage: 1 x 4GB Samsung (set as eSATA for backups)
    Storage: Supermicro CSE-M35TQB SAS/SATA Mobile Rack - 5 Bay
    OS: ESXI 5.5
    VM1: Ubuntu 64bit
    VM2: Synology DSM 5.0




I never got around to completing the custom case.


Recently I wanted to play around with ESXI 6 (it's in beta), but lacked another system ideal for virtualization. So I started researching new parts for another system. If all goes well I'll make it my new main NAS / Server and test stuff on my old one. Here's what on it's way now:


  • Motherboard: Asrock E3C224D4I-14S
CPU: Intel Xeon Processor E3-1275L v3
RAM: 16GB Super Talent DDR3-1600 8GB/512Mx8 ECC Micron Chip Very Low Profile Server Memory
HBA: onboard LSI 2308
Storage: Intel FUP8X35HSDK Drive Enclosure - 8 X 3.5" Bays
OS: ESXI 6.0


I thought about buying one of those U-NAS cases, but figured I'd have more fun building my own. I figured building something around this shouldn't be too hard:




I am going to try to turn my Lian Li Q25 case into this, if it fits. The dimensions, based on 6 x 5.25 bays, will just kinda fit within the Q25's dimensions. I won't know for sure until the bay comes:



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I've found one interesting configuration for up to 20xhdd nas and built it for Xpenology (all parts without disks costs less than 1000$ here in Russia):

1. Motherboard - ASRock Z87 Extreme 11/ac (having 6SATA + 16SAS ports through LSI 3008 on board, 2 mSATA ports).

2. Chieftec ATX BA-02B-B-B case having int 8x 3,5" + ext 2 x 3,5" + ext 6 x 5,25" (convertible to 10x3,5 with some enclosures like SuperMicros). It have overall 20 hdd slots which fits with MB 20 ports (+2 are used for mSata on board).


This config have good further extension possibility since there are 5 PCIe slots on board for controllers and 2x20Gbit Thunderbolt2 ports (Thunderbolt extensions are hard to find now, but situation is changing).


I've patched nanoboot kernel sources to include LSI 3008 driver as a module and it is working OK for some time. If somebody needs it, I can give instructions how to do this patch.

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I've built my xpenology on:

  • ASRock Q1900-ITX, BIOS 1.40
    2x 2TB HDD (third 2TB hdd is coming)
    DSM 5.0-4493


The best is that I already had a case, power supply & hdd's so the cost of building this machine was under 150€. I use at home for downloads and media vault and it goes awesome well comparing it to my 110j


Future plans to this machine: Install esxi server 6 on a msata, and run DSM and also clearos or something similar to increase security, put a firewall on my lan, etc. But maybe I'll wait a little and buy a new machine and test different configurations on it, right now the system runs so well i don't wanna touch it. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

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