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DSM instal on old PC : which loader version should I take ?


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Hi ,


Thank you all for this realy interesting NAS system. I am looking for installing xpenology on an old PC that is now dedicated to file server

but the version I tried : loader 1.04b / DS918+ is not working at all : the PC is not found neither by the assistant nor through find.synology.com.

The PC is an old Packard Bell Imedia from 2009 with 6GB RAM, Pentium QuadCore 2.3GHz, 2 SATA ports (3GB) and an additional 2 SATA PCIE board able to do RAID 0 or RAID 1.

It is working Linux (Debian 5) without problem.

The loader seems to work correctly : there is the boot message for further action on find.synology.com but that's all : no way to have the PC found.

I have modified the grub.cfg file to match the PID/VID of my USB stick

I have also tried several different SN


Now I wonder if I took the right loader version ?

Could anybody instruct me on how to go further ?


Many rhanks in advance;


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@Cubitus Your CPU is too old to use with the 918+ setup, (look it up).

Now, the question is, what make/model is the NIC you have, and what driver does it support?


Best choice for you, is to start with the 3615+ and DSM 6.1.x (Jun's 1.02b and manually supply the .pat file).

If that works, great :-) you may then try with the 6.2.x if you want to test if it's compatible.



do not use any RAID options on your SATA ports/cards, only AHCI, let DSM do any RAID you want/need.


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Thank you for your advices ; I took loader version 1.02b which is working fine with the 3615xs config in 6.1-15047.


I have another question : is there any root account on Synology servers ? I have been asked for 'admin' acount and password but nothing for root itself.



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