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How to add drivers? Trying to compile TBS PCI card driver


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I would like to compile drivers for my TBS6280 PCI DVB card. I have never compiled anything on my N40L XPEnology before and trying something simple like "make" doesn't do anything. I'm guessing I need to add the Toolchain maybe??


What would be better would be if I could compile the drivers on my main Linux box and move them across to my n40L, if possible.


Anyway... where do I start with this anyone?


I've read a few tutorials online about compiling existing drivers by rebuilding the kernel but there is no guide as to adding new drivers.


BTW The TBS card has both open source and proprietary drivers available and is supported in LInux. In fact I have it working in an existing MythTV box.


DSM 5.0 4528 Update 1

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I have been working on compiling drivers for my NEC D720202 USB 3.0 Controller. The first step you will need to do is finding the linux source code for your device drivers and then figure out where in the either NanoBoot or Synology Kernel source code to add the Device Driver source code. Then the links below will help guide you through the rest of the process (although I can't say that I've successfully installed the drivers yet):


http://hallard.me/how-to-install-kernel ... 0-dsm-4-1/

http://www.tyan.com/manuals/LinuxUSB3Dr ... Manual.pdf


I am trying to use the NanoBoot Kernel source first, since it seems to make more sense and I'm not sure I will be able to remove and then re-install the USB Driver Module while I have XPEnology running from a USB Stick. So I might have to create my own Boot Image in order to get the updated USB Drivers integrated into XPEnology.


Update: I've successfully compiled and installed the drivers I needed. But I had to use the Synology Kernel source code. The module compiled using the NanoBoot Kernel souce code had version magic mismatches when I tried to install it.

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Thanks for your reply Jman420.


I haven't had time to look into this more since posting but I will get to it soon. I just didn't want you thinking I didn't care much about your reply :wink:


I've had another hardware issue unrelated to this which has gotten my attention. I really want to get this TV card to work with XPEnology as I can see no reason why it shouldn't. The only problem is working out how to do it :smile:

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