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New intall 6.2 on msi B85m-p33


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Hi, I'm trying my first install on MSI b85M-p33. So far I've manage to download and install jun's V1.04b ds918+ on a pendrive. I've managed to boot and then locate using synology assistant (first run won't catch, but a second always does) Then select pat image "DSM_DS918+_24922" and later start intallation normally. After some time the assistant show system is rebooting and computer reboots. From then on, computer stays on black screen and assistant showing countdown. After countdown ends, it looks like it start writing configuration files, but always end up failing. Also after de reboot can longer ping to the Ip aquiered in the first boot. Would apreciate any help on the matter, specially what is suposed to happen after the reboot. 

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Vanst, thank you for your replay. 


Processor is I5 4440 Haswell.


I've tried 1.03b ds3615xs as per suggestion but it fails during first part of the install. 


It looks for me, that after the reboot I lost network connection, and that is the reason it fails. 


I hope someone can help me with this. 






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Same "problem" as many others, I suppose, your integrated network chipset Realtek 8111G, is not supported by DSM 6.2.2. You could check by installing older DSM 6.2.1, if it works ok then your 8111G is the culprit. I suggest you buy a cheap HP NC360T on ebay and disable integrated nic, then 6.2.2 should be visible after reboot.

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Sorry, latest 6.2.1 may also be problematic with a 8111G,  you could try 6.1.7.
Again, the better solution is to buy a compatible nic, but I've read 6.2.3-25423 was just released so I suggest you to keep an eye on this thread and wait a bit to see which nic is still compatible with this new DSM version.

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Did you try extra.lzma ?


2 hours ago, torrington said:

You were right. 6.1.7 did work.


It's a shame I can't install newer version, but will keep an eye on 6.2.3 release.


If there is any other suggestion will be more than welcome.


Thank's to everyone.


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