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A friend of mine brought be a machine I build for him years ago running DSM 5.2-5592.2


It boots from a CD and loads just fine... he just doesn't know the admin password and apparently doesn't have a management link on any of his computers with saved passwords. Since I'm not in the practice of saving passwords for builds I do for other people and I don't desire going through the barmetal 6.x stuff if I can help it I'm looking for a guide to maybe to a 5.2 upgrade to a later version if that will help me get at the data. I've tried the resetuser=admin parameter at boot and admin isn't letting me in.


The goal here is simply to get a look at the data and potentially copy anything that's needed before getting him setup with a new solution. Since there are three drives I'm guessing it's raid5 or whatever the special raid in DSM is so I don't imagine mounting the array is easily possible?


Thanks for any poitners.,


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Migrating the system won’t help because things like accounts remain intact. If you simply want to access and copy the data you can try a live linux distro and mount the raid with mdam or add a small hdd/ssd to the system and install OpenMediaVault on it. It can mount the raid so that you can access it again.

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So a clean install of a later 5.2 version should give me access to the data?


If so, is there a proper doc/page to refer to. The current page that has all of the builds and what not seems to be particular to the 6.x baremetal jun loader which requires quite a bit more than a simple install.


Also thanks to both for the reply... I didn't realize that it was a standard linux raid software array. I assumed there was some crazy syno specific logic in it.

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