Moving loader from USB drive to internal CompactFlash card

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I have been a happy user of XPEnology using Jun's loader for a while now. I use it on my LaCie 5big Office+ machine, using a USB drive for the loader. However, recently I opened up the machine and found it has an internal CompactFlash slot. So I thought it would be nice to install the loader on a CF card that's just internal. Using a Ubuntu live environment and dd I copied the whole USB drive to the CompactFlash card. However DSM does not seem to boot... So my question is if there is a way to boot my installation from that CF card and get rid of the USB drive?


Some information:

- Booting using USB drive works fine (have been doing that for a few years without problems).

- Booting using the CF card (without the USB drive connected) shows the GRUB menu and the info texts afterwards, but does not boot DSM. Synology Assistant doesn't show my machine, and trying to access it in the normal manner also doesn't work. I also don't hear any harddrive activity like I normally hear during boot.

- The old USB drive size: 512 MB.

- The new CF card size: 32GB.

- The BIOS of the system shows the CF card as an IDE harddrive and a bootable device (and indeed boots GRUB from it).

- The CF card (and its partitions) is visible and can be mounted fine in the Ubuntu live environment.

- When booting from the USB drive with the CF card connected I don't see any trace of the CF card in DSM.


So does anyone know how can I make my system boot DSM successfully from the internal CompactFlash card?


Thanks a lot!


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