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Hello. Sorry for posting here. I'm very confused about how to upgrade my current XPENology installation.

I have a HP Microgen 8 with DSM 6.0.2-8451:




I have understood that is not recommended to upgrade from the DSM interface, but I don't know where to begin safely. I installed XPEnology 4 years ago :(


I would be very grateful if you can guide me to the upgrade process.


Thanks in advance

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I would do a full hardware compatibility test before your attempt to upgrade;


Create  a new XPE boot USB with the version of DSM you plan to upgrade to.

Disconnect (power and sata) your raid drives

Connect a spare HDD to first sata port

Boot with new USB, check system is found on network

Install DSM, reboot, ensure all is working and you can connect/login after reboot


If the above all works ok you can reconnect your raid drives, boot with the new USB and 'migrate'


You might need to add the additional drivers/module extra.lzma created by IG-88

Also make sure you have backed up critical data and checked the forum for other people using Gen 8 for any tips

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i'd suggest to read and understand about the main process off installing/updating here


without doing it as there are specialties about 6.2.2 you need to read on a 2nd article


if you last did this 4 years ago then its better to "re-understand" the process before starting

the gen8 is tested with 6.2.2 and the new drivers

you should start with creating a new usb (keep the old, at least as image file created with win32diskimager) and try that one with a single empty disk, if you get a satisfying result you can use this new usb later to boot your new 6.2.2

reconnect all disks with 6.0 on it and now you have 2 possible ways


1. re-insert old usb, boot up and let dsm do the update from web gui, that one has a step i'm uncomfortable with, after unpacking the update and installing the new kernel to the (old) usb it will not be able to reboot as the loader is for 6.0 and not for 6.2.2 so it will be stuck in the middle and it can be hard to judge when it is in that state in with you cant properly shut down, you would need to hard switch off, swap usb to the new (6.2.2, tested) and start again, it should continue the update to the finishing line, it might be ok o wait a overly long time like 2h to make sure its finished preparing the update (the time depends on the speed of the system/disks its usually <30 min)


2. use the new 6.2.2 /tested) usb to boot, use the synology assistant to find the system in network (same as on fresh install) and let it "migrate" to the new dsm 6.2.2 version by installing the 6.2.2 *.pat file, imho that is the safer and cleaner way and what i suggest in the 2nd link above


usually some of the plugins fail after update and need to be installed in newer version (if available, if important you can check that with the test install of the one single disk)

if anything goes wrong with the updating your 6.0 to 6.2 config you still have the option to use the 2nd option in the boot loader to reinstall the system with its factory defaults and still keep the data/raid volume, after that it will be like a fresh 6.2.2 install but with your old raid volume present (its still suggested to have a backup even when this step does not delete your data)

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