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What's your home network setup like?


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I'm planning to upgrade my home network setup to saturate the speed my new NAS Optimized, DSM-powered barebone server can offer. I wonder if you can share your current network configuration, or any advise on what kind products is good to invest on.


I'll probably looking for:


- Dual band (simultaneous) wireless ac.

- 4-6 port Gigabit network switch

- consistent downlink/uplink throughput




- What router/AP do you use? Is it running factory firmware or open source?

- How do you use your Synology in regards to protocol used to your main system?

- If you were to do it again, what product/configuration would you choose?


It'll be awesome to learn your setup. I'll post mine after I got it setup.



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Your approach in looking for inspiration from other network is backwards and faulty.

Having a goal of saturating the NAS without considering your real needs is not right.

You should first analyze your needs and then select the technology or components that will satisfy those needs. You may wont even need dual-band Wi-Fi, gigabit or even a home server to begin with.

If you list your goals or desire, you may get better recommendations on components required with real life examples of their performance and a size/scale of equipment to achieve those goals.

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