DSM is suddenly losing Network Connection

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I have a Problem with my following Build:


Mainboard: Asrock J3455 ITX Motherboard
RAM: 4 GB RAM - 1 Slot used
HDD: 10 TB WD White (from an External WD Case)
Onboard NIC: Disabled in BIOS (not showing up in DSM 6.2.2).
Current NIC: USB 3.0 to Ethernet
NIC Chip: ASIX AX 88179

Link to NIC: Amazon USB 3.0 Adapter - UGREEN


DSM Version: DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 5

Loader: 1.04b - DS918 with "Driver extension jun 1.03b/1.04b for DSM6.2.2 for 3615xs / 3617xs / 918+"


To my problem:
Everything is working great! Except one thing. Suddenly my NAS is losing Internet Connection. 
I can not access the NAS anymore. Also it completely disappers on the network. I checked that in my router (Speedport Hybrid).

I have no other possibility than shut down the power and restart the NAS. That is not nice for the HDD.


I have uploaded 2 Screenshots from the Protokoll Center. I hope you have an idea what the problem is.




Fehler 2.png

Fehler 3.png

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