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Please help me I installed an XPEnoboot program on the WD element of the SSD disk. I installed the WD disk because I did not have a USB disk. Help me erase data from WD so that it can be used again normally. Pauman Mihael Slovenia

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So you want to clean your WD element disk? ALL THE DATA WILL BE LOST IF YOU WANT TO PROCEED


Use Windows+R to open Run, type diskmgmt.msc in the empty box and tap OK.

Now identify your WD disk, right click and select format. If you not sure, you can share the screenshot of Disk Management here.



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@Pauman If you want to clean the WD drive, and loose ALL info/files on it, you may do so with a windows computer.

Connect the drive, open a command promt (run as admin).

Type in: diskpart (then press Enter..)

Type in: list disk (then press Enter..) (identify your WD USB disk)

Type in: select disk "X" (then press Enter..) (where "X" is the Disk number for your USB disk, please double/tripple check you have the right disk)

Type in: clean (then press Enter..) (this is a quick deletion of ALL your drives partitions (and files), optional use: clean /all (takes longer time).

Type in: exit (then press Enter..)

Type in: exit (then press Enter..)


Run: diskmgmt.msc and create any new partitions you want, and then format the partition(s).


Result: An empty WD element disk, ready to be used.


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