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Hello. I'm thinking of getting a DS918+ for running Plex with transcoding. Mostly 1080p x265 but also some 4k. 

My question is, will a XPEnology be a much better choice? I'm thinking like a 8th gen cpu, maybe an i5 8400/8600k with some decent ram etc. 

Could someone maybe also point out a good motherboard that supports 6.2 with no problems? Preferably ASUS (couse I like ASUS :D) or ASROCK? 

I have basic knowledge to linux/dsm as I now own a DS418j. Sadly this is good for only sharing files and nothing more.


Thanks :)

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If you have the budget for a DS918+ then I would suggest you buy it for the stability and NVME cache support

Or, if you would like to have the control on your hardware and future upgrade, you can try Asus H310M-C and i5-8400. The below report show that it's working fine.




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The DS918+ would be a good choice if you want something that just works and will receive future software updates from Synology. If you go down the Xpenology route, then you have  a better, potentially more cost effective / more powerful  hardware option and the fun of building your own - but you should make the  assumption  that 6.2 will be the last major release it will get.

(Although the guys have been brilliant at getting new releases to work so far, we cannot be sure that will continue forever).


You could, of course, keep the DS418j for file storage and get something to either do the transcoding or, depending on your requirements, maybe putting  a raspberry pi or Vero box running OSMC/ Kodi  to do the media playing.

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