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TerraMaster F4-220


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- TerraMaster F4-220 4-Bay NAS
- Intel J1800 Dual-Core Celeron with 2.41GHz
- 2GB RAM (upgradable to 4GB)

- 20TB Storage (max. 2x 10TB)
- 1x Gigabit Ethernet

- 1x USB 2.0

- 1x USB 3.0


It's hard to find informations on the forum :( . I hope i post in the right place.

To start i have installed the DSM_DS3615xs_15284 with the 6.1 Jun's Mod v1.02b and it work ok.

-Led stay red (i have found a github about the drivers but dont know how to install them) here's the link .

-Did not install the fan driver. Because i dont know how.

-Plex transcode don't seem to work, but i can optimise them.

  (Plex is the raison of my post)


So, i have try to install the DSM_DS918+_24922 with the synoboot-ds918 because i have read than it's only there i can have hardware transcoding (Maybe it's the problem with Plex).

First boot, i can acces it, then after the setup, reboot, then nothing... I have read this on a post, but can't find how to solve it.


All i need for now is to get plex working to play videos on my Android device with the App.

Videos play fine on the web(PC and Mobile) and with the App on PC.

I can optimise videos (So transcode work?)

I can't play videos on the App. Even the videos i have optimised.

When the optimisation is in progress, i can see activity in the folder /volume1/Plex/tmp_transcoding


Do i need DS918+ ? the Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J1800 is 64bit processor.


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I have the same F4-220.

BTW mine have 5th hidden sata port inside which makes it F5-220 :-)

I have successfully installed latest DSM_DS918+  6.2.3

The key to success is to install driver extensions.


pat file :



driver extension:



During USB boot drive creation mount second partition and overwrite extra.lzma and extra2.lzma

After uploading PAT file the NAS will restart but it will not show up on a network ( this happens just once after initial installation). Unplug the NAS from power and plug it back.

From now on it should work just fine.


I can confirm HW transcoding works

I haven't manage LEDs to work ( stays red)


Good luck


(let me know if your NAS have the 5th sata port as well)



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I'm struggling having the F4-220 running with XPenology.

I Used the 1.04 loader for DS918+.

I modified in the first partition grub.cfg (VID, PID, SN for a synaology 916+, Mac address)

I overwritten extra and extra2 on the second partition with the new ones 0.13.3  from here 



Nut nothing, it's booting but I don't see any IP assigned and it's not found by the synology assistant.


Can you please post the bios configuration for the CSM parameters ?


Do you have an idea where I'm wrong ?




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