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Volume size smaller than it should


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I've been running a bare metal DSM 4,2 on a N54L for a couple of years and last week I migrated to a new bare metal solution, also on a N54L but with DSM 5.0 4528 update 2.


My original setup had the following HDDs;





SHR Raid with 1 disk fault-tolerance

I don't recall the exact volume size that made available, but I remember it was a little over >8TB


Current setup with 4HDDs (1 less hdd but overall same disk space as I swapped 2x2TB with 1x4TB)




SHR Raid with 1 disk fault-tolerance

I would think that with this setup I would have the same size as before, that is, >8TB but I don't, I only have 7.21TB.




According to synology raid calculator, I should have 9TB but we all know that x1000 vs x1024 battle which is why the 9 actually become a little over 8, but I don't see why I only have 7.2


Even weirder, I did not start with this 4 HDD configuration on my new setup. I started with 4TB + 4TB + 1TB + 2TB and I had 6.something TB, and then I replaced the 1TB with a 3TB and instead of getting 2 extra TBs I got less than 1tb.


Any ideas on what did I do wrong ?


PS: smart info is ok, No errors on any of the drives nor bad sectors.


Thank you.

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not sure how your Linux skills are but I am a complete novice. The Linux process works pretty flawlessly. I chose to run Linux off a USB drive, just replaced the DSM stick and rebooted. If you go this route I would suggest a USB3 stick even if it's in a USB2 slot. You will need patience as is was terribly slow just getting Linux loaded. Following the instructions is easy and not overly time consuming. Good luck!

Thanks again to NeoID for the breadcrumbs. It is definitely worth the price of the beer!

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