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Asus Maximus VII Gene compatibility


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There are not many main boards that support 8 or more SATA 3 ports, the Maximus VII Gene has 8. 6 of them from the main board's Intel chipset, another 2 from the built-in ASMedia ASM1061 controller. Another one is the ASRock X99M Extreme4, which has 10, but that model isn't available where I am.


Would the boot loader works with the main board? Is there any limitation to Synology DSM regarding chipset, cpu, or RAM size more than 4GB (I use 8GB).


Another option would be to use an atom, or celeron combo board with a separate SAS/Raid controller card. That is if I can buy one. Nobody sells the board, and even if I can buy it, the price would be in the $400-600 range to get 8 or 10 SATA 3 ports.


Thank you.

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IMO the best board for XPEnology is ASRock C2750d4i. 12 SATA ports are natively supported by Synology.


It did came to my radar, but I was looking at a non-Xeon, non-ECC solution, and all-SATA-3 ports, plus I could use an HDMI too. And the neither of ASRock's SoC boards seem to have that. Also, it only has 8 SATA 3 ports, the other 4 are SATA 2:




Another note is that the ASRock uses Marvell 88SE91xx controller, which is not as fast as Asus's ASMedia 1061.


What's your build spec? Mind sharing them?

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