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Wierd problem passing through SAS controller

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Hello everyone,


I'm kinda of new to this.

My motherboard is the ASUS P9D MH/SAS 10G-DUAL.

So I was trying to install DSM6.22 24922(918+) with jun's loader v1.04b on my ESXI host. I didn't change anything except the mac address of two ethernet ports and the SN in grub.cfg. The ESXI host was installed on a ssd drive connected to a sata3 port on the motherboard. I tried to pass through my SAS controller and connected all 5 drives to that sas controller. If I understand things right, I should select first option when the loader boot up and install the DSM. What happened is that although I'm able to install the DSM selecting first option in loader, it only recognize 4 drives. The DSM can only recgonize all five drives when I select the third option when the loader boot up. This is kind of wierd, cuz I can't install the DSM system selecting the thirds option when loader boot up. It always came up with error 13(I did wipe all my drives beforehead and I don't think changing PID and VID in grub.cfg is necessary for installation in ESXI). I can install the DSM with the first option and make it recognize all 5 drives by selecting third option when booting up though.

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