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Installing XPEnology on HP Proliant ML30 Gen9


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Hi all,


I'm new to the forum and new also to the NAS and servers subject.

I was about to buy a NAS but a family member offered me a server that he doesn't uses anymore and said that I could keep it. My idea is, instead of buying the NAS, installing an OS so it can fit my needs.

I currently own a small business and the server will be mainly used for:

File sharing

File storage

- IF, everything works fine, I can use it as my own file storage ( I assume I can set permissions and stuff using XPEnology)

- IF, the server can handle, use it as a media server.

The last 2 are not necessary, if the machine can handle everything I will use it.

I would like to have the files accessible from outside my network.  Does XPEnology supports cloud app or does it have to use a VPN?


Considering all this... Should I try and give a shot at this machine or should I sell it and buy a NAS?

There is any other option better for me or XPEnology will be my best option?


Thanks everyone in advance

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I won‘t use XPEnology for business purposes. Although I set up several boxes within the last years they‘re all used in private environments. The main reason is the risk of bricking your device when it comes to updates which would lead to an unwanted downtime. 


In case of your hardware you could use a more „official“ distribution like Open Media Vault, FreeNAS or maybe a complete small office distribution (maybe Zentyal or a similar system). If your main intention is only simple file storage and sharing the hardware is a bit overpowered. You can try to sell it for a few hundred bucks and buy a 2bay original box from Synology plus 2 hdd/ssd. They don’t need that amount of energy like the HP system. 


Of course you can use the HP for XPEnology, but I wouldn’t take the risk in case of business use.


Just my 2c

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