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I am setting up a NAS for the first time and I wanted to get Synology for the apps a such. Being cheap as I am, I found a box on Ebay for cheaper than it should've been, so I bought it, and now I am in this world of XPenlolgy instead of owning a Synology product.


During the setup process, I was following everything except the part where I find the NAS using the assistant. For whatever reason, I cannot find the NAS. Some further weirdness is my internet is running on the Google wifi system, and the server doesn't show up on the management software for Google, but my Unifi switch does pick it up. The IP is while the rest of the network is on 192.168.86.x. The MAC address is also a suspicious 00:11:32:11:22:33. Can anyone help me resolve this weird situation?

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Yes! After struggling with a guy on Reddit, I learned that you can manually set your pc ip to be in the same subnet and then the assistant will pick up the NAS. Then there was a password and I contacted the vendor and they replied after a few days. Thanks though!

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