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Unable to access ESXi and DSM interface at the same time


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I have a freshly installed HP Microserver Gen10 running DSM 6.2.2-24922 / 1.04b / ESXi 6.7 (Free)/ DS918+ and whenever I start up the VM in the ESXi UI, i can no longer access interface (site cant be reached). I can then only reach the DSM interface. To get to the ESXi UI again, i have to shutdown DSM.


Is it possible to access them both on the same IP address? The ESXi is running on port 80 and DSM is running on port 5000. This is all from my internal LAN.

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Using a genuine 918 serial and mac I found, allowed me to generate a new pair which did work (by altering the grub at boottime using c to access the command line). However, I still have the same problem. No access to the ESXi interface as long as the DSM VM is running. If i launch the grub command line and type 'mac1' it shows me the one i updated to. (and sn also) However, if i go into system settings in the DSM UI, it shows me the old one. the SN is updated in the DSM UI.


I think I'll start again from scratch. I really need access to the ESXi interface while DSM is running.

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