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Virtual Machine Manager - creating new VM


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Hi guys!


I have 2 image files (.vhd). The 1st image contains Windows Server OS with some ERP system. The 2nd one contains only data for that ERP.


When selecting an image - VMM fills the size of the disk in the wizard form with 127 GB value preventing to modify it; for now it is possible to create the VM.

When selecting both images - VMM prevents creating VM telling that the size of the disk should be from 10 to 81 GB; for now you can neither change the size of images nor create the VM.

Do you have any ideas how to create a VM with 2 images?




P.S. I've also tried to create VM with one image. But then it is not possible to link the 2nd image. Actually it is possible to create new disk only without ability to specify the existing one.

Is there any way to link the 2nd image after creating VM?


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