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Issues with DSM 5.0-4528 power saving - Wol

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Hi all


I'm currently studying a switch from NAS4Free- (embedded usb) to XPEnology with DSM 5.0-4528 and nanoboot. My hardware is the Asrock B75M-DGS running on bare metal.


First I would say that I'm interested in the added services the DSM provides compared to the Nas4free I currently run. Although the DSM seem's to work properly, I've issues :


- WOL doesn't work, even with the guides found on the forum

- With Nas4free, I can put the system in S3 (suspend to ram) for days, send a magic packet and wake it up in seconds. This S3 mode doesn't appear to be supported with syno system, I can only switch it off completly and then have to manually switch it on via the main power button. Is there any solution to this ? I didn't find any so far

- When I switch off the server, I see a few of theses messages : Can't unmount / : Device busy


The WOL and S3 sleep are essiential to me, to save energy when I'm not at home or during the night. I really would like to make it work if possible, if not I'll stay with Nas4free. If anyone have suggestion, they are very welcome.



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