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HDD Rebuild


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Feel free to add your experiences regarding removing/adding HDD. I have done this before but do not remember it responding like this.

System in Zotac Intel Atom based board running DSM4.3-3810 (still) 4x2TB and 2x3TB, 2 of the 2TB drives are Samsung HD204UI so I decided to swap them out as I am close to capacity plus want to finally upgrade to 5+.

Pulled one of the Samsung HDD and replace with 3TB WD green. System gave an expected response to this, DSM goes into rebuild mode and is now Checking Parity Consistency.

I see plenty of CPU activity, no HDD activity in widget on screen but I open resource monitor and I/O a plenty is going on.

My question is I remember the last time I did this the Checking Parity Consistency showed a percentage completed as it was underway. I am not seeing that count and I started the install about 4 hours prior to this post

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