Installation stops at 57%

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Hi there.


I need some support to get on with my new NAS build. (This is supposed to be my 5th Xpenology NAS).

This time I switched from Intel based systems to an AMD based system.

When I install the image (no matter which 6.2.2) image with a 1.04 918+ bootloader, the installation process stops suddenly at 57% or 58 % depending on the 6.2.2 release with the error message " File could not be installed. The file is propably damaged. (13)". I found nothing suitable to this error message.

I tested to install the current image from the internet and from a local file - no success.


My hardware:


Biostar A10N-8800E Ver. 6.1 (Carrizo), Realtek NIC onboard

Inline 76617d SATA Controller (Marvell 88SE9230)

1 WD Red 1 TB 2,5" HDD connected to the Biostar MB

1 Seagate Ironwolf 8 TB also connectro to the MB

1 WD Red 3 TB HDD, connected to the Marvell controller


all drive are recognized correctly by the controllers (BIOS view)


I made no changes on the BIOS except the fan control, and disabled the serial I/O header, because I don't need it.


I changed the file grub.cfg of the connected usb drive. The change lines are: VID, PID, changed the last 6 numbers of the SN and MAC section, and changed the SataPortMap to 24 (2x SATA onboard 4x SATA of the controller add-in card)


Any ideas?


Ps: The Inline Controller Card worked already perfectly on a AMD Kabini NAS build in 2016 with DSM 5.2

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