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HP ProLiant N54L Gen7 - Upgrade from DSM 5.1-5022 to latest supported version



Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my HP ProLiant N54L Gen 7 server from DSM 5.1-5022 to the latest supported version but worried about losing my data.


As I'm on such an old version, what would my upgrade path need to be here? Can I just jump straight to the latest?


If I went for a fresh install option instead:

1. Would there be any issues (possible or guaranteed) with the data on my RAID disks? (Synology Hybrid RAID with 1 disk fault-tolerance)

2. Is it possible to just export the config from my current version and import this on the new version or would I need to go through and make notes on all my current config?

3. Can I install the latest version without my current HDDs connected then add them in after? If this is an option, do I need another HDD/SSD connected for this and if so, can this be removed later?


I had planned on putting off the upgrade until I can afford a new setup with more storage then just copy the data across without worrying about losing it, wipe the current 4 3TB drives and add them to the array in the new setup but as Plex now doesn't support my version I need to upgrade now instead.


I have a backup of the important data but would rather not risk losing the rest and don't have enough storage available to back that up too.



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