Tutorial: Bootloader + DSM 6.1 + Storage on a single SSD

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In this tutorial we are going to place the bootloader alongside the DSM OS and the remaining storage
Keep in mind that i use DSM 6.1 and not 6.2!


What you need:


First we are going to put the bootloader on a USB stick using Win32DiskImager


Then we are going to install DSM normally
After the installation of DSM and configuring your device name, username, etc
goto the Storage Manager and create a RAID Group for only the SSD in Basic







then click Apply and goto Volume and create one (doesn't matter what File system you used, but i use ext4)

then click OK and shutdown the server

Now we are going to do some fun things with the SSD drive where DSM and the storage are installed on
put the SSD drive and the USB stick with the bootloader on it (we need some files later) out of the DiskStation machine and put them in your main PC

Start up your partition/hard disk manager and look for the SSD that you installed DSM on
it should look like this:


Look at the last Unallocated partition, it should be 100MB big thats plenty for the loader
so we are going to make a new partition (50MB is enough) and make sure you put it at the very end of the drive
dont forget to put the drive as Active and assign a drive letter to it


Now we are going to install grub2 on that 50MB partition
i used this website to make one (because i use Windows)

After you have install grub2 on that partition that we need to copy all the files from the 2nd partition of the usb drive and place them in the root directory of the 50MB partition
don't forget to place the grub.cfg (from the 1st partition) in the /grub folder of 50MB partition


Now unplug the SSD from your PC and place it in your DiskStation pc and boot it up (you dont need to edit anything just let it boot)
you can use Synology Assistant to find your DiskStation pc
and you should see a normal welcome page were you can login

After you have logged in you should see an error message, that is because of the small FAT16 partition
you will get that everytime you startup that machine
Storage Manager should say that your system is healthy.


Thats it, you can now use it normally without an USB bootloader
also you can update to the latest 6.1 version if you want (make sure you don't install 6.2, haven't tested that one)

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When you use Grab2 whats the method to install it? i can only be able to install it as an EFI. When im trying to install i386 a message "No Access" popup in the CMD.
Something that im doing here is wrong. 
I did tried with both EFI ways and the synology doesnt start after i copy the files from the USB Partition to the Formatted 50MB Partition.
I also have tried to format the partition as FAT/FAT32. Assign a drive letter as the guide said and also set the partition as "active" and Primary.

Can anyone help ?

I did find my issue.

You should mention that to copy the files from the first partition of the USB Stick, you have to turn the 1st partition to Logical to read the files.

Thanks for the help and much appriciated for this guide. I did figure to get it working.

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