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Big thank you to you guys I'm very grateful that you take the time to develop these solutions. I was a Unix administration 25yrs ago but this goes well beyond my abilities. I'm running a ml40 with 8gb drives with synology and love tutorials. Keep up the good work, I'm always happy to donate

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Thanks a lot for the team that is working on this. on 15th is payday so I will sure support this.


On a side note, It will be possible to update to 5.1 from 5.0 without looisng data or something else?


Yes, it will be possible to migrate your DSM 5.0 hard drives to 5.1 without losing your data or settings. There will be full support for the standard Synology Migration process.

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Version : 5.1-5022



What's New

This update includes all bug fixes as well as security fixes in the previously released critical updates since DSM 5.1-5021.

Fixed Issues

Improved hard-drive compatibility for DS215j.

Improved efficiency of backup tasks.

Fixed an issue where DSM updates could fail to install on systems with High Availability enabled.

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Are you saying you are already testing a working build of XPEnoboot for 5.1?

Donation is coming your way!


I have been testing XPEnoboot builds with 5.1 nearly every night for the past 2 weeks. The builds have had varying success and I am testing a new build tonight.


Today was payday.. :wink:


Can you say, when you would like to Release the new nanoboot?


We discussed trying to set a release date, but the team decided against it since this is a "hobby project" for pretty much everyone on the team. We all have other commitments (mostly work related) which could impact a release date in unpredictable ways. Try to be patient and know that a quality release is on the horizon. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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Thanks for the progress reports it's nice to know things are progressing nicely. :cool: Personally I would rather see a stable release than a rushed job just for the extra kudos. I think most of us probably value our data and would rather have a smooth update process, than have to try and recover from bugs and errors. The old Nanoboot is working just fine right now so patience shouldn't be hard to find.


I appreciate all the effort and free time the team are putting into 5.1 and I'm looking forward to applying the update. :smile:

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Guys, I just finished installation 1/2, now going to do the second one :smile: Just .. wow, thanks a lot, both from me and my friend :smile: Cheers


Another two smooth installations over here on N40L's. Excellent release going by all the positive reports coming in so far - thanks again!


If you have email notifications set-up you will need to go in and reconfigure the details again because they are lost in the migration and WOL needs the put back and made executable. I haven't noticed much else so far but I haven't had much time to test things yet.


Off topic: Does anyone know if the synocommunity repository/website is down long term or is it a temporary situation?

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