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I first had no problems, but after i migrated my system HP microserver gen8 from DSM5 to DSM6.2 almost always, after i log in to DSM my network goes down.

Nothing (phone/ipad/laptop on wifi or lan)  can't  access the network of internet. 

I tried several settings but i can't find the problem. Does somebody know what causes the problem, or where i have to look at?

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1. SSH into your NAS

2. Log On with your Admin/Root Account or User Account

3. If User Account then type sudo -i and enter the Admin/Root Password

4. Type ls -la /

5. You should see a folder called .xpenoboot

6. sudo rm -rf /.xpenoboot

7. Type ls -la / to check it is removed

8. Reboot your NAS by typing reboot


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