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Over Heating


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Hi team,

Hopefully someone can give me some advice...

After 5 years I have finally upgraded my hardware.

I am currently running : 
Mobo:Asus Maximus Hero VII

Cooler: CM V8
Loader: Jun's Loader V1.04b with the 918+ PAT.
DSM: 6.2.2 Update 5

I am having so many issues with the server itself shutting down due to "overheating". What's interesting is that server itself is well ventilated and is barely warm to the touch. Is this potentially a known issue? Before I go out and purchase a new cooler I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has heard of or dealt with this issue. 

I searched the forums before posting this to see if anyone had had this issue and could not find a recent mention of it at all.

Any support would be GREATLY appreciated! 

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Great questions.

IT shows in orange in the System Health section as well as in the attached imagery.
Yup have checked BIOS settings and have put on to MAX.
I have tried 3 different coolers. Stock, the V8, and a friends cooler. 
I am confident I have applied the Thermal paste correctly. 


My only thoughts are potentially a damaged sensor?

I read about the extra.lzma. Is this just for Network and HDD controller drivers?

Annotation 2020-03-11 124431.png

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