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SOLUTION: BIOS time reset after enable Sync with NTP server


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~ I am using GIGABYTE GA-H97N-WIFI Motherboard and running on DSM 5.0-4528 Update 1.

~ I am staying in a country with timezone GMT+8

~ I have enabled Sync with NTP server in DSM.



I want my server to auto shutdown and startup at certain time everyday.



Everytime I reboot my server, the clock in my BIOS will always reset to time equivalent to GMT+0. This will screw up the auto startup setting in my DSM.



Since I found no solution in this forum, I decided to achieve my objective with this workaround.


~ I remove the auto Startup setting in my DSM. It only has auto shutdown setting in my DSM.

~ I let the clock in my BIOS remain in GMT+0.

~ I enable "Resume by Alarm" setting in my BIOS and set the desired startup time 8 hours earlier than my local time.


It works flawlessly.

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