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Create volume at drive 1?

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is it possible to create a volume on the same drive where DSM OS is installed?

If i try it says something like "All data on the newly added drive will be deleted. Do you really want to continue".

So what happens if I do press "OK". Does it simply create a volume with the rest of the available space or does the system delete itself (which I can't imagine)?

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DSM is installed on all the data drives in the system.  So by definition you create volumes on the same drives as the DSM OS.  Any disk that shows "Initialized" or "Normal" has the DSM OS installed to it.


You might be thinking of the bootloader device - that is not the DSM OS.  If it's visible, it's because you haven't configured VID/PID and/or SATA mapping to hide it properly.  Regardless do not attempt to create a volume on it.

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