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ESXi 6.7U3 and multiple VNICs


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I added a second virtual NIC to a test DSM6.2 installation that was connected to the same vswitch as the first one, changed the grub.cfg to add a second MAC address, created new .vmdk files for the bootloader, rebooted and DSM showed the second NIC and an IP address for it obtained through DHCP.


I then created a new vswitch connected to a new physical NIC and moved the second vNIC to this vswitch. This configuration will not pick up an IP address from the DHCP server even though the GUI "console" shows the relevant port icons as green.


Do I need to change something with respect to the MAC addresses in the bootloader? The VM is configured to let ESXi assign them.




Added: I spooled up an Ubuntu VM with a single vNIC connected to the second (newer) vswitch and the network works fine.

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