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How can I mount SSD to XPEnology?


Hello, I am new here.


My Settings:

  1. Hardware: HP gen8 16GB, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1265L V2 @ 2.50GHz, LSI-9211 HBA 
  2. Exsi 6.7 installed on SSD connected from Motherboard , 4 bay connected through LSI-9211, 
  3. 4 Bay with 2x8TB, 1x 10TB, 1x12TB, I use miniSAS to sata from motherboard for SSD
  4. I added two ned SSD (2x240GB) connected with miniSAS to sata from montherboard
  5. System runing 6.2.2 DS3615xs


My Questions:

  1. When I mount 2 new added SSD to VM, it shows HDD instead of SSD


please help, I did a lot of search, but I couldn't get any answer to that. Thanks!!



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AFAIK all drives are handled as HDDs if they are not connected directly (passthrough). You can run a benchmark and check if the speeds match your SSD's specs (they should).

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