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Expanded vmdk how to expand volume on dsm ?


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Hi there i have running solution on my esx server without problems..

I finally cleanup some other virtual machines and had the free space to add to synology.

So in the vmware settings i increased synology disk from 4TB to 5TB, boot and it seems ok.

synology sees the disk with 5tB but the volume is still with 4TB

check the screenshots




What can i do to increase the volume size ?


thans a million

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I face the same problem. The solution interest me too. I think we should look for mdadm + resize2fs + pvresize + lvextend commands.

The filesystem is ext2, ext3 or ext4, it seems that the resizing of the volume should be done when offline, so you have to unmount the partitions before using resize2fs.

But I'm not very comfortable with Linux, so I say perhaps bullshit.



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