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Real Synology to virtual Xpenology HA




  I am looking to purchase a real Synology device for my primary storage at home and use an Xpenology ESXi guest in my lab as the second unit in an HA pair.  I'm looking for recommendations for which physical Synology device to purchase.  


Its home use for primarily CIFS and NFS shares so my needs are pretty basic on the physical appliance.  I don't see actually needing more than 2 bays and will be using two WD Red 4TB drives for mirroring on both physical and virtual appliances.  My Plex server is running on an Nvidia Shield with locally attached storage and I plan to just mount some shares to it for my larger movie collection.  I'm thinking either a DS718+ or DS918+ for the physical.


My lab ESXi server hardware age is where I think the problem will be for the virtual one based on Synology's support matrix for unmatched hardware in HA configurations.  My CPUs are Xeon E5-2690v2 which are Ivy Bridge EP architecture so I can't run the 1.04b loader with the DS918 DSM platform which says Haswell or later if I understand correctly.


Has anyone done this?  Is the Synology support matrix an actual limitation or just what they will support?  Absolute max budget for the Synology is about $600.

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