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it9135 zolid mini dvb help


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ok so i have a it9135 zolid mini dvb which i had on my ds213+ dsm 5 with tv headend.


I decided to build a better setup and use xpenology. I works great.


My only bug bear is that i can get the stick to work now. It wont show in videostation.


Has anyone had one of these and found a way round it? Im drawing blanks on google.


its listed in the general tab with other usb devices. There is no adaptor in dev/dvb


also in dmseg


[75700.620523] dvb_core: exports duplicate symbol dvb_ca_en50221_camchange_irq (owned by kernel)

[75700.625075] dvb_usb_v2: Unknown symbol dvb_dmx_swfilter_raw (err 0)

[75700.625116] dvb_usb_v2: Unknown symbol dvb_frontend_resume (err 0)

[75700.625146] dvb_usb_v2: Unknown symbol dvb_frontend_suspend (err 0)

[75700.627359] dvb_usb_it913x: Unknown symbol dvb_usbv2_suspend (err 0)

[75700.627390] dvb_usb_it913x: Unknown symbol dvb_usbv2_disconnect (err 0)

[75700.627421] dvb_usb_it913x: Unknown symbol dvb_usbv2_probe (err 0)

[75700.627458] dvb_usb_it913x: Unknown symbol dvb_usbv2_resume (err 0)

[75700.627488] dvb_usb_it913x: Unknown symbol dvb_usbv2_generic_rw (err 0)


any way to force a driver reset or likewise?


any help appreciated

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