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Hi there, Im a noob when it comes to this so ill just explain what I have done so far.


my system consists of :


asrock b75m-itx

intel 3470

4 gig ram

250 watt psu

unas nsc-400 case

1 x 1tb hdd

2 x 2tb hdd


I used cyanlabs no exsi, no usb. the image went straight on the hard drive. (1tb drive)


it was using version 5.0 - 4493


the other 2 hard drives are used as simple volumes and no raid.


they both have movies, tv series etc on them and used with plex.


there are also movies on the 1tb drive which xpenology is installed on.



Due to the new update , I have been in touch with cyanlabs and you cant just update the image, it needs a new installation. and the person that runs cyanlabs is very busy at the moment.


so here goes....if I copy the data from the 1tb drive over to a spare drive, then reinstall the latest xpenology using the usb method...


1. will I lose the data on the other 2 drives?


2. is there a way to migrate the 2 drives back into the new installation.?


3. after installation of the new xpenology , will it boot straight into dsm?


this is why I don't normaly touch......I don't want to lose everything stored on the drives....


cheers chris

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You probably need to install the application first (not sure about the latest version 4528). It won't appear on the desktop automatically you would need to move it there (right click - Add to desktop). It will appear in the "Main Menu" and the "Package Center". You can install, uninstall, stop and start it in the Package Center and run and change the options etc. from the icon/link in the Main Menu.

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Hi there and thanks for the reply....


That's exactley what I did, but on the desktop the name is there but no icon. Will reboot and retry it.


Also is there a way I can monitor cup temps? I don't thinkthe info in the information centre is correct as it always stays green and reports 40c . Just want to make sure it's ok for 24/7 usage.


I did set bios to let me know if it goes over 60c but the main board doesn't have a header fora speaker so don't know how it would alert me lol.

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Hi I'm not sure why you have no Icon I already had the Virus package installed prior to the update and it all seems to be functioning as expected for me.


Afaik the temp read out gives the temp of the hottest disk in the array and the overall system temp. There is a thread on the temp function here somewhere which was active recently, so it should appear on the first couple of pages of the forum listing. I just looked it's here.

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