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The battle for hdd hibernation


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I'm battling to get my server to sleep the hdds. (uses half the power with sleeping 6 disks, lots more when I fill it with 24 disks!)


It will hibernate the disks fine without plex - try as hard as I can, plex will still access some files once an hour waking the disks..


My next idea is to move plex outside the array (onto a cheap ssd), thereby any log writes etc will not wake the whole array and although the ssd will remain active it uses far less power...


However this is failing at the first step - as soon as I have a disk inserted which is not assigned to a volume, the disks again keep waking as synology accesses /var/log/smart_quick_log every 10-15 minutes (according to messages.log) even though nothing is written..


Is there any way to have an internal disk mounted not in the array without triggering this?


How about moving all synology logs somewhere outside the array to stop wake ups?


Would using an ssd in synology as cache drive help at all? I suspect not from reading synology site...




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Hi spammy,


I didn't think that plex actually state that it will stop hibernation on that platform 100%?


Some people have achieved success (reading plex forums as well as synology forums). Unfortunately, after trying the steps that have worked for other people I personally can't stop it from waking once every hour due to some plex internal programming checking some files.


(Everything in plex disabled that I can see maybe relevant and also editing of various plex system files)


I can get plex on unraid to sleep disks perfectly and easily - no editing of plex system code. BUT this is only because I can install plex on a disk outside the main array. (That disk doesn't hibernate continuously but in that case its no prob as that disk also serves as torrenting/couch/sick/vm/etc drive). Using a cheap ssd (£45 quid for 120gb keeps power down for that too!


This is why I would like to know if its possible to move plex to a disk outside the synology array and also indeed how to have a disk outside the array without synology waking the rest of the array up every few minutes polling it...



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Ah yes, aware of that page, but like you say it's not impossible and indeed it has been achieved by some so that page is out of date/incorrect as far as some users are concerned.


BTW yes, I have no problem getting the disks to hibernate otherwise....


I know it's plex and the files in question etc by using the debug tools and logs etc...


I read somewhere of people amending synology parameters to do logging to a ram disk to assist in hibernation where apps insist of logging things :smile:


Sooo, anyways to move things on then and not getting fixated on plex... :smile:


How can we:


1) Add disks outside the main array without the main array being repeatedly woken up.


2) Install apps to that drive...

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I do not have any solution to your problem but can someone tell me the list of packages which stop the hibernation ?


Because i do not have plex... and my hdd don't want to hibernate.


My apps :

- audio station

- download station

- photo station

- mail server

- mail station

- perl

- multimedia server

- video station

- VPN server (stopped)


Thx you !

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I do not have hibernation problem, disk hibernate always works (hibernation timer set to 10 mins), USB boot drive always mounted


power consumption dropped from ~42W to ~26W


(The only situation I spotted it doesn't work if I leave the DSM Webmin Page opened in the web browser)


I am using gnoboot 10.5, DSM 5.0 4458-Update 2 (Atom + Tohsiba 3TB HDD x4, configured in two 3TB RAID 1 volumes)


Apps installed

1. phpBB

2. mediaWiki

3. phpMyAdmin

4. Python3

5. MariaDB

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Ok, so I've tried a symlink from volume1/Plex to the outside array drive and successfully installed and ran plex install there on the external drive.


Unfortunately I get the same results with plex waking the disks up even though the file its opening


[/volume1/Plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins/System.bundle/Contents/VERSION] opened by pid 29243 [u:(/var/packages/Plex Media Server), comm:(Plex Media Serv)]


is not physically in the array. It appears that the array is accessed and span up, and only then it finds it needs to follow the symlink to the external disk.


Anyone know a way around this?


How would I go about modding the plex installation files to install plex directly to the external drive?



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Unless you have pretty much nothing running or installed on the system HDD spindown is a waste of time trying to chase.


There are way way way to many things that wake the drives back up or prevent them from sleeping


eg, just enabling SMB sharing, and setting the box to become the master browser..... then enables the guest account..... which in turn either keeps the drives awake, or wakes them backup from sleep every 20mins.



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