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Can't Resize virtual disk


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Can you please tell le if it is possible to resize a VDI file (virtualbox) that contains the OS (Volume1).

I can't manage to do it.

I have one HDD with only 1 GB used and it uses 34 Go.

Here is what I have done at the moment

1) Empty the HDD (with the dd /dev/zero.....)

Then Vboxmanage to compress (or VBoxmanage to clone and then compress).

I still keep all my GB.

2) Use Clonezilla (but is says partitions unknown so the clone has exactly the same size as the original.


Is there another method that would work?


Thank you


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I managed to do it like that :


1) Create a new vdi file and mount it (Temp HDD).

2) Create a new volume (volume2) and move all shares in it.

3) Move (cp -R all files from /volume1 to /volume2

4) Remove the old HDD and add a new one (New Volume1HDD that will be smaller).

5) Move all shares from the old volume2 (temp HDD) to /volume1

6) Copy all the applications from /volume2 to /volume1

7) Remove the temp HDD



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