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N54L Bare metal DSM 6.1.7 sata SSD cache


I converted my N54L from esxi 5.5 DSM 5.2 to bare metal DSM 6.1.7 and everything seems to work. It also fixed the “dsm 6 cloudsync allowing multiple sub-folders below root” to copy to my off site Xpenology backup sync. 
I was using a 120GB sata SSD to run esxi and was wondering if I can use that for SSD caching instead?

i tried searching but could not find anything about sata SSD. 

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Yes, it may be used as read cache.


This screen is from a N54L bare metal (currently running DSM 6.2-23739 Upd2)



But first: How many HDD's, and what port is your SSD going to use?

Original BIOS, or one of the modded that gives you AHCI on all 6 ports?

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23 hours ago, JohnnyTrendy said:

I have two 3TB WD Red drives, was planning on just reconnecting the SSD that I was using for esxi.

I believe I modded the BIOS but I built this years ago and have forgotten, is there a way I can check?

btw do you notice any performance increase?  


Ok, then you still have 1 disk position free, even with the SSD running.

You may see some "signs" inside the BIOS, as the choice to use port 5 and 6 as AHCI will NOT be there with original BIOS.

And if I remember correct, the "TheBay" as I'm using, shows his forum-nic during POST.


In real world performance, does the cache help?

Well, hard to tell, depends on your usage of the NAS and the files on it.

In the one I posted pic from, I have a dedicated NFS share, used as datastorage for my ESXi host.

The VM's I dont have hosted on a SSD inside the ESXi host, stays on the NAS, and I "feel" that they function better with cache enabled, 

even if I have not done any real testing. It's a cheap SSD I had in spare, so why not put it to use ;-)

But it might be better for me to relocate the SSD and use it inside the ESXi host I guess.

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