Can't access my server over the network, how to troubleshoot?

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Hey everyone.ive been happily running Xpenology for over a year now. I'm running it bare metal on an old gaming PC with 8 4tb WD red drives. I have a pcie sata adapter and a 4 port lan card as well as onboard gigabit lan.


All has been working great until last night when I moved the server downstairs to be closer to the router. I'd been having trouble with the connection between my router and switch (10gbe spf+ link).


When I connected everything again, my Xpenology wasn't showing up on my network. I've spent hours troubleshooting, reseating the ram, the pcie cards, checking all my router settings, bios settings, and am not sure what to do next.


What happens is the bios posts and Jun's loader screen appears and stays there as normal. My router shows the Ethernet is connected and the link is good.  but the RX on the port is 0, in other words, no data is being sent from the Nas whatsoever.


I've tried both onboard and pcie lan, with and without port bonding. It's not my first time fixing problems on the server, but this seems a tough one. Anyone know how to see what's going on during boot?

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6 hours ago, a575606 said:

but this seems a tough one. Anyone know how to see what's going on during boot?

serial port connection and a terminal like putty on the other side

if the system boots up you could even login with that


you can try boot a live/recovery linux to make sure that network in general is working

are you sure you did not update dsm, like 6.1 to 6.2 (needs new loader) or 6.2.0 to 6.2.2 (needs new drivers)

if your live linux is up and running you could mount the system partitions (raid1 over all disks) and check the dsm version number (/etc/VERSION)



also check bios settings maybe you lost them when disconnecting from power (it thats the case then the cmos batterie is dead)


more inforamtion about loader/dsm version and hardware might help (4 port nic and 10G sfp+? you have a 4 port 10G sfp+ card?)

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I did a bit more troubleshooting before I saw your post. I had a spare hard drive I hadn't installed yet so I loaded windows just to test the hardware was working, and everything was working fine, so it doesn't seem to be a hardware issue. I like your suggestion to use a live usb and how to access the drives, I'll try that next. And no, literally nothing changed or was updated, I simply shut down the server and carried it downstairs, plugged it in again. But I think I was on the absolute latest DSM version... 6.2.2 something. So I don't think it's related to any update incompatibility.


You're right that the little bios battery was dead, so I lost bios settings during the move. Perhaps that's it, although I have been through the bios several times and didn't see what could be causing the conflict. I replaced the battery, disabled CE1 support, made sure the onboard lan was enabled, etc. Any idea what else I should check?


So, my setup was -Mikrotik RB4011 router -> Mikrotik CRS28 switch [via Spf+ 10Gbe lan] -> Xpenology server [connected using 4 1 Gb lan ports bonded for a 4 Gb connection]. So no 10G spf+ on the server,, just between router and switch. The lan card in the server is an intel i350 t4 chip based card. Let me know if you need more info


I'll try following the linux tutorial and will report back. Thanks for your help.

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My system just stop communicating, and I thought that it was my MELLANOX CONNECTX-2 card. I did some troubleshooting, and the NIC is on a good conditions, but not recognized on Xpenology.


I do not know if I should redo my USB, and everything that is save or configured, might be gone.

Or, just change the extra files for a different ones.

Now I am connected to it via the main motherboard NIC.


My main concerns is that If I change any configurations on the USB, will I loose everything?

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Popeye, might be worth starting a new topic, not sure that's relevant to my problem

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