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Compiling custom module gpio


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Hi !

I wanted to compile the module gpio for my readynas, but do not really know where I start :smile:

I found only descriptions compile the kernel but I do not want to do it I just gpio module. The sources I have, I would ask for some simple how-to.

I'm using DSM 5.0 4493-7 nanoboot x64.

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OK. module compiling fine, but i have error message from dmesg:


[41367.895616] rn_gpio: Unknown symbol sys_read (err 0)

[41367.895668] rn_gpio: Unknown symbol sys_open (err 0)

[41367.895707] rn_gpio: Unknown symbol sys_write (err 0)


Where i find last ( 3.2.40 ) working and complete source of xpenology kernel ?


Only working andy's is and I find is for 3.2.11 kernel, too old for me :sad:


I must recompiling is for export this symbols - any help will be nice :smile:

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