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Poor file copy performance


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I have Xpenology now running on two 64-bit machines. They have Intel Gigabit NICs as does my PC running Windows 7 and they are all on the same Gigabit switch.


I can get file copy speeds of close to 100MB/s between my PC and either of the NAS units using Windows Explorer to do the drag-and-drop. However, if I mount one of the NAS volumes in File Station of the other NAS and do a drag-and-drop copy within File Station, the transfer performance is halved! CPU utilization is negligible.


Does File Station use a different (and underperforming!) protocol than the CIFS/SMB between Windows and the NAS?


How might I get the performance to improve?

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I tried rsync but the transfer performance was the same while the CPU utilization went up, especially on the NAS from which the data was being read.


A Web search revealed that a performance boost could be had for compressed files by reducing the amount of compression being attempted by rsync and my transfer speed is now around 100MB/s :mrgreen:


You need to switch from the default zlib compressor to arcfour to turn off compression, as in (boldface for emphasis):


rsync -aivx -W -e 'ssh -c arcfour -o Compression=no -x' .


I'm still curious as to what is happening with drag-and-drop in File Station

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yes speed of SMB copy from one Xpenology to another is pretty bad.


I work around it by using the backup and replication app


backup from one box to another, then just move the folders / files


you will get full speed of the network this way.



SMB copy = approx 50-60mb/s

backup (which is really rsync) = 115-120mb/s



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