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Acces mail station


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Hello everyone,


I just installed mail station and it works fine. In local, i can access with my local ip


just by clicking on the mail station icon.


Then, outside of my network i can acces to my NAS thanks to my DNS





The thing is, when i click on the mail station station icon i cannot access to mail station with the dns adress







Therefore, outside of my network, i can access to all my packages (videostation, download station, file station, etc.) but the mail station.


Anyone can tell me why ?


Thx !

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Ok it's working when i forward the 443 port ! I didn't know mail station to use this port.


thank you !


PS : do you know a way to change the link of mail station's shorcut on the xpenology desk ? Because the mail station's shorcut still open the http link. I'd link to open the https link just by clicking on the icon... (like videostation, file station, etc.)

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