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Can we run QNAP code too?


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Soo I was digging around and found a German post on this board with this link. It was pretty neat and I thought it would be great to get the QNAP OS working. It looks more polished than the synology code and they seem to lay out a bit more information about the hardware that is used which could be useful for our home usage. I'd love to get this working bare metal on my Gen 8 microserver since it would allow for video output. I really want to have a NAS with the option to use it as an HTPC. To some it's asinine but to me it makes sense. I might just go buy a QNAP or Synology but why not play with the OS first? It would be epic to get this type of OS set up in such a way that we could easily add linux drivers for our own consumer grade hardware.


http://wiki.qnap.com/w/index.php?title= ... -based_NAS



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Unfortunately, no interest is to adapt the qnap os.

Too bad, because until synology release us from acting hdmi output that their system is behind the qnap and asustor.

I managed to run only x86 version of TS-509 in a virtual machine but without a working NIC.

Newer versions ( x86_64 ) incorrectly recognize the drive name, and for this reason the system is not booting properly.

Version intel qts expects to sdx system partition in a virtual machine, they are presented as sda or sdb sdf and startup scripts qts-a stupid and do not work. The need to analyze and convert init.d scripts in initrd.boot file. I'm for that too thin :smile:

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