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DSM 6.2.x on Centos QEMU-KVM host


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I would like to install DSM 6.2.x as a VM on a Centos KVM host. I use qemu-kvm, and right now I've tried installing DSM using jun's loader 1.04b (918+) without any prevail (probably wrong bootloader?). First I tried to install the vm using cockpit virtual machines GUI, and I wasn't surprised that it didn't work due to the differences between the vm's xml file which is generated by cockpit GUI and the other xml's generated by other GUI's (unreaid, esxi, proxmox, etc... samples saw on the internet). Now, probably this has been discussed before and/or somewhere else, but I didn't find anywhere a tutorial of installing DSM 6.2.x on a minimal (no GUI) Centos KVM host. Therefore I would like to know if anyone else here tried to install DSM 6.2.x using this particular/similar set of tools?


 I'm not uncomfortable to tweak xml files, or to run various virsh cli's.    


P.S. virt-install cli's and/or *.xml file examples are welcome.



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