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possibly stupid question


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Does DSM support IDE drives at all? I haven't got an IDE disk other than the cdrom, which I boot my bare metal from, and adding an ide to a VM doesn't get recognised, but I'm not sure if this is due to the VM, the nanoboot, or just that DSM doesn't "do" IDE.


Andrew (preparing to hide my head in shame)

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so here is the wierd thing: I just added an IDE adapter & an IDE drive to a VM. when I restarted the machine it shows up as /dev/sdm.

I then did

sfdisk -M0 /dev/sdm

Which sets it to Dos Style Partition.

Then it shows up in the GUI as eSata, but unformatted, so I formatted it as ext4.

Now it appears as satashare1-1 in filestation, and I can read and write to it.


Is this somehow peculiar to virtualbox?

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